A Spicy-Cool Southwest Turkey Burger Recipe

13 Delicious Healthy Burger Recipes You Have to Try

We'll just go ahead and say, there's nothing better than biting into a juicy burger and when you happen to be making a delicious burger at home (instead of going to your typical fast food or restaurant). that only makes it more satisfying. There are also many ways to change a burger. So it's not […]

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grilled wrapped zucchini rolss

17 Most Creative Ways to Use Zucchini

Zucchini is a versatile vegetable, thanks to its mild taste and fast cooking properties, and it is also full of vitamins and antioxidants. However, during the summer, the pumpkin grows in such a large amount that it becomes easy to get fed up with the usual squid or grilled zucchini recipes that everyone knows. Joel […]

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Woman holding coupons at supermarket

25 Grocery Store Mistakes Making You Gain Weight

The grocery is the perfect balance: Regardless of your age, gender, race or socioeconomic status, you must spend at least part of your time browsing through the aisles regularly. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends more than five hours a week shopping. And while you may think that […]

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17 Therapeutic Foods to Help Cope With Stress and Improve Your Mood

17 Foods Better Than Therapy

If you want to eat a healthy diet, it is of utmost importance to be aware and purposeful of what you put into your body. You have to think about food as fuel. It's okay to occasionally grab something like chocolate. In fact, not only will this increase the likelihood that you stick to a […]

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This Is Why You Should Get Nutrients From Food, Not Supplements

Supplements vs Food: The Best Way to Get Nutrients

There are many factors that are crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Two key aspects are a healthy diet and exercise. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and lean proteins can not only help maintain energy levels, but can also help ward off disease. In some cases, nutrient deficiencies can make a person more susceptible […]

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40 Ways to Get Back in Shape

40 Expert Tips On How to Get Back in Shape

Sometimes you drag your life out of the gym and in a million different directions, forgoing exercise. And you know what, that's A-OK! We all need the occasional break. But getting in shape does not have to be terrible. In fact, it helps you to go into a normal fitness routine – just one small […]

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kinder eggs suprise candy

15 Foods That Are Banned in the U.S.

Both the FDA and the USDA enforce food laws and regulations to keep consumers safe. Some foods that are legal in other countries are banned in the US for this reason alone. It is believed that they pose a threat to health. However, there are other reasons why food is specifically banned in the US, […]

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These Are The Foods (And Other Common Food Items) You Should Never Pour Down The Drain

Food You Should Never Pour Down the Drain

If you are lucky enough to have one, you can imagine garbage collection as your flushing aid. It's hard for you to crush and dispose of the food you had no room for (or that the picky eaters have rearranged on their plates in your life). And while you are diligent, there are some foods […]

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23 Delicious Egg Recipes to Stay Skinny

23 Healthy Egg Recipes to Stay Lean

Eggs are considered one of nature's most complete foods. They are filled with protein and contain neither carbohydrates nor sugar. Egg yolk once had a bad reputation as a cholesterol hellraiser, but recent research has shown that choline (the egg yolk nutrient) is a belly fat fighter that promotes cell activity, liver function, and nutrient […]

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