Simple Homemade Hummus Recipe

Easy Homemade Hummus Recipe | Eat This Not That

0.0 00 Despite its Greek heritage, Hummus has made a name for itself as a hippie food in the United States a few decades ago. But the ubiquity in the refrigerator area of ​​an average supermarket shows that it has become popular with many more groups today, and that's a great thing. The store-bought stuff […]

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A Healthy Take on the Traditional Tortilla Española Recipe

Healthiest Tortilla Española Recipe | Eat This Not That

0.0 00 Anyone who has ever lived in Spain will recognize this recipe as the modest national team that can be found at almost every bar from Barcelona to Malaga, a tender omelette with potatoes and sweet onions. The simplicity of the ingredient list reveals the depth, nuance, and soul-filling delicacy that a properly cooked […]

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Chili-Mango Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe

Chili-Mango Chicken Stir-Fry Recipe | Eat This Not That

0.0 00 The combination of warmth and sweetness is a roller coaster ride for our palates and a partnership that – knowingly or not – lurks behind our affection for so many Asian dishes: General Tso's, orange grouse and Mu Shu pork. Here, this combination enhances a basic chicken-pan recipe with just two ingredients to […]

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50 Best Foods for Women

50 Best Delicious And Healthy Foods for Women

0.0 00 Dealing with mood swings, cramps, energy loss and headaches – not to mention having a job, running a household, maintaining relationships and looking impeccably great – is a daily job for many women. It sometimes seems too much to deal with, but there is an easy way to alleviate some of these burdens: […]

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Grilled Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe With Blue Cheese

0.0 00 Given the rate of chicken-wing consumption in this country, clearly spicy chicken and blue cheese is a compelling combination for most American palates. The problem is that the majority of takeaway restaurants offer wings with more fat than flavor, and now chains like Chili's, Ruby Tuesday and Buffalo Wild Wings use high-calorie combinations […]

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13 Foods Women Should Never Eat

13 Foods Women Should Never Eat

0.0 00 In general, there is no "good" or "bad" food. Everything has its place in moderation. However, there are some foods that are worse for your health than others and should be avoided if possible. There are a number of other health complications for women trying to get pregnant, balance their hormones, or ward […]

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Low-Calorie Chicago Hot Dog Recipe

Healthy Chicago-Style Hot Dog Recipe

0.0 00 Chicagoers take hot dogs pretty seriously. So serious, in fact, that the actual order in which you apply the ingredients is of the utmost importance (at least the way they say it). We'll cut them a bit more loosely because they're the best dogs in the country (sorry, New York, you have the […]

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Recipes for Low-Calorie Sliders, Two Ways

Mini Sliders Recipe, 2 Different Ways

0.0 00 If it's not a dessert, never order anything on a menu with the word "mini". Sounds not intuitive, but so-called mini-bites are equipped with maximum fat saturation. These delicious burger bites, however, are different. Since a slider recipe was not enough, we give you two, so you can have a taste for a […]

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Grilled Tuna Skewers Recipe

Grilled Tuna Skewers That Make For the Best Appetizer

0.0 00 The appetizer sections contain the densest calorie concentrations in America's menus. It's hard to find anything in the starter area that has not touched the fryer or is not made entirely of refined carbohydrates and cheap fat. What you really want to do with your meal is a large portion of protein: this […]

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Cooked chicken breast

How to Cook Chicken: 20 Mistakes to Avoid

0.0 00 If you add chicken breasts to your weekly food ration to boost your protein intake and lose weight quickly, poultry can get pretty boring – fast. You have exhausted the aroma arsenal of your spice cabinet and even broken up those wrapped cookbooks. And even worse, the new recipe you found on the […]

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