25 Amazon Kitchen Tools With The Site’s Top Ratings

fullstar vegetable cutter spiralizer slicer with diced onion and zucchini ribbons

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Amazon has just about everything you could ever need, but sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to Amazon kitchen tools. For example, a simple search for "spatula" will yield more than 10,000 results.

How do you choose between thousands of spatulas, wooden spoons, garlic presses and everything else that is on the website? By trusting those who came before you. If a product has thousands of reviews and a rating of at least four stars, it is probably a good choice for your next purchase.

We reviewed some of Amazon's top rated kitchen tools, including everything from mixing bowls to citrus presses. And if you are in the market for new kitchen appliances, everything on this list is a sure thing.

Gorilla handle blue and white plastic cutting board


Are you fed up with your chopping boards slipping on the counter during cutting? This will stay in place, as the more than 1,100 5-star reviewers can confirm. The Gorilla Grip chopping boards are also dishwasher safe, so cleaning is child's play. If you prefer plastic cutting boards to wood, this is a good option.

three kitzini silicone baking mats in purple, blue and red


Reduce the amount of cooking oil you use with these handy baking mats. You make baking cookies, rolls, and other goodies a snap, and you do not have to worry about scratching them off the bottom of the pan. Less chaos = more fun.

black kitchenaid can opener


A can opener may not be the most exciting item in your kitchen, but one of the most useful. And this KitchenAid option has a four star rating on Amazon. It is elegant and does the job. And if you think canning can not be healthy, think again – you want to keep these canned foods in your pantry when you need them.

gray digital food scale


This food scale can weigh up to 11 pounds, so its uses are almost unlimited. It's great to try and manage your food portions, and you can measure each ingredient before adding it to a recipe. An Amazon reviewer also said that they used the scales to measure pet food. The only downside is that it is battery operated. So you have to buy replacement if you use it.

Silver Metal Oxo Slot Turner Spatula


Do you enjoy cooking with metal tools? This simple turner has an Amazon rating of four and a half stars by more than 700 users, making it the perfect complement to any kitchen. The pinball is perfect for pancakes and hamburgers. Do not use it on non-stick surfaces as metal tools can scratch it.

Zyliss cheese grater with Parmesan on a black chopping board and stuffed peppers


The best part in an Italian restaurant is to eat the freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Now you can rebuild the luxury of home with this cheese grater, which has a 4 star rating from Amazon based on more than 1,100 reviews.

If hard cheese grating is not enough, this handy device can also chop nuts and chocolate, according to the product description. It's even easier to put the finishing touches to all your favorite dishes.

Adept Chef lemon peel with whole lemon and half lime


Never before has it been so easy to spice up your dishes with citrus fruits. Whether you add some zing to a salmon recipe with lemon zest or just add a little orange peel to a dessert, this zester makes it easy. And if you do not have a separate cheese grater, you can also chop hard cheese like Parmesan, according to the product description. As an added bonus, it is dishwasher safe, so you do not have to worry about the hard to clean friction points.

Adept chef fish spatula with salmon and asparagus on a wooden board


Once you've tried this handy device, you can not turn the fish over with a regular spatula. The curved corner helps you slide the unit effortlessly under a piece of salmon or other fish. Through the slots, you can drain fat or grease from the burnt side of the food when you turn it over.

The fish spatula is not only suitable for fish: the thin tool is also suitable for eggs and other meats. An alarming Amazon reviewer even wrote that he used it as a whisk. So it's safe to say that this is a tool that is good for many things in the kitchen.

Amazon food thermometer


A meat thermometer is the key to food safety. Just looking at a piece of steak or chicken to see if it's done is not good enough. The only way to make sure something has been cooked is to check the inside temperature. When using this handy tool, you do not have to cut open the meat to see if it's done, and you risk losing some of the aromatic juices it contains.

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wilton Icing spatula with black handle


If baking is one of your hobbies, a frosting spatula will make everything easier. From frosting cupcakes to homemade cakes, this little device can help you do it all. And as an added bonus, you will never again get frost on your fingers. At less than $ 5, this frosting spatula costs less than a cup of cold brew. This is a win-win purchase.

Person mixing bowl of bread dough with orange scraper


It can be difficult to get the last piece of dough out of a mixing bowl, but this scraper can help. Some product reviews mentioned how helpful the scraper is specifically for sticky dough, but this could help with all sorts of baking needs.

empty pyrex glass mixing bowl


This Pyrex bowl is safe for the oven, dishwasher, freezer, refrigerator and microwave. Unlike some plastic bowls, this glass option will not retain stains or odors over time. And it is also super durable. If you are looking for a kitchen bowl that will last for many years, Pyrex is the way to go.

Stack of amazonbasics reusable silicone baking cups in rainbow colors


Are you trying to reduce your environmental impact? Try these silicone baking cups instead of the disposable paper cups. They are oven-proof up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are therefore perfect for baking cupcakes, muffins and breakfast eggs. You can even use it to freeze the soup for easy warm up. No wonder these versatile, flexible cups are among the most popular kitchen appliances on Amazon.

Oxo Green and Black Avocado Slicer Pitter Cutter Tool


Avoid the risk of an "avocado hand" by using this refined avocado tool. You can cut an avocado, remove the pit and slice evenly, all with one device. And you do not run the risk of accidentally getting into your other hand.

four sipwell stainless steel straws with cleaning brush


If you've seen the photo of a turtle with a straw in its nose and want to make a change, metal straws are a great starting point. They are portable and reusable. This high-quality Amazon set comes with a cleaning brush. If you've tried them, you will not want to use plastic straws anymore – and you can indulge in your cold habit without feeling guilty.

vremi five-piece bamboo cutlery with colored handles


If you want to avoid plastic or metal utensils, these wooden utensils are a great alternative. The silicone handles are comfortable in the hand and the wood scratched non-adhesive pots and pans. They can even be hung up to maximize storage space. And wooden spoons can also prevent overcooking of pots.

The only downside is that you have to wash these cooking utensils with wood by hand instead of going through them in the dishwasher.

Stack of omorc green plastic ice cube trays with lids


If you have not installed an ice machine in your freezer, ice cube trays are a must. And you can use them for much more than just making regular ice cubes. Some popular hacks for ice cube trays include freezing everything, from baby food to buttermilk. Do not underestimate the attractiveness of this highly rated article.

Fullstar Vegetable Cutter Spiralizer Slicer with onion cubes and zucchini ribbons


This is much more than just a spiralizer – he can julienne and dice vegetables with ease. If you want to cook a lot and shorten the preparation time, this tool is worth the investment. And in dishes like this healthy turkey chili, which uses a whole chopped onion, the time savings can be considerable.

Ox olive cherry pitter with the hands of a person coring a cherry


This is a fairly simple tool, but do not underestimate its usefulness. If you like to eat olives or cherries, but do not want to spit out the pits, this device will change the game. The next time you need a few cherries to make a cake or cobbler, you do not have to waste your time and energy rooting the fruit. Just plug it into this practical pitter and you're on the way.

Amazon Blackstone Grill Accessories


For Grillmeister at home, keeping everything clean is a must. That's why this set, featuring a scraper and two bottles and two high-performance spatulas, is so popular with Amazon kitchen tools. Now is a good time to make sure all the BBQ accessories are fine for all the barbecue parties ahead of you.

Person hands with oxo pineapple cutter corer with pineapple


Of course, you can buy pre-cut pineapple chunks at the grocery store, but it's more fun to seed the pineapple yourself. You can also drink a smoothie from the empty pineapple bowl and pretend that you are on a short break.

Taylor thermometer for fridge and freezer


It's more important than you think to keep the fridge and freezer at the right temperatures. The temperature of your fridge can affect whether your food is spoiling or not. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on it. (For reference, it is best to keep the refrigerator at 40 ° F or below.) Make sure everything stays in the safe zone to protect your food with this handy thermometer.

Three empty pyrex glass measuring cups


Pyrex is king of the measuring cup and with good reason. The markings on these sturdy glass cups are not removed after repeated rinses. And they can be safely placed in the fridge, freezer and even in the oven.

Homwe black silicone potholders


These flexible potholders protect your hands when handling hot dishes. If something sprays on it, you can wipe off silicone, so you do not have to worry about throwing the dishes into the laundry. These gloves are also available in two lengths, so you have extra protection when you reach into the back of the oven.

Oxo salad spinner with wet salad


When cooking with fresh salad, a salad spinner is essential to keep your salad leaves clean and fresh. This OXO option has more than 3,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, so it should do the job. You have these summer salads on the table in no time.

Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, these Amazon kitchen tools make your life easier. No wonder they are so popular – and this time, it's definitely not a bad thing to follow the crowd.

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