25 Culinary Stocking Stuffers Under $20

25 Culinary Stocking Stuffers Under $20

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Buying gifts for loved ones can be a challenge, especially if you are looking for small gifts that you can put into a stocking. However, if this person happens to be a self-proclaimed foodie, we may be able to get some inspiration for you. See our list of 25 gourmet food storage jars, all priced at less than $ 20.

Not only do you surprise your food lover with the coolest, newest and highest rated products, you can do so for less than a bottle of wine. Rest assured that in the stress of the season you will soon be checking a few gifts from your list once you have completed our guide book.

Now here are 25 amazing gift items that your foodie friend or family member would like to unpack this holiday season.

mysterious hot chocolate from Dylan's chocolate bar
Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

How excited would you be if you pulled this out of your stocking? Dylan's Candy Mystery Color Changing Hot Chocolate does not look like you'd expect from a chocolate twice as dark. Your receiver will not know what color it will be until it pours hot water over the cocoa mixture!

primitives of kathy dishtowel

These delightful tea towels make your special person smile every time they have to dry their hands or wipe their dishes.

dream farm supoon

Thanks to Dreamfarm's Supoon, your recipient will not miss the last drop of peanut butter or cookie dough. The silicone spoon has a hard edge that allows you to scratch out the last piece of food. Another great feature? The curved handle that keeps the worktops clean by putting your spoon up and down from your prep room, especially if your spoon rest is occupied. Genius!

Silpat Perfect Cookie Silicone Mat

This is a great gift for your colleague who always brings baked goods to the office. Without this silicone mat, no bakery is complete!

but first coffee mug

This is a gift for your colleague hiding in his cabin until he drinks a cup of Joe. Hey, we totally understand it.

Holiday Medley truffle from alte eco
Courtesy of Alter Co Foods

This is for your friend, who is a self diagnosed "Chocoholic". We love the truffles and chocolates from Alter Eco because they are Fair Trade certified and 100% delicious. Holiday Medley offers you the chance to enjoy some of the tastiest dark chocolate truffles, including salted caramel and classic dark.

holiday glasses
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

If someone in your family drinks whiskey, he will certainly appreciate this festive glass. It's the perfect glass for one of the most classic cocktails of all time, an old-fashioned one. Buy them individually or give them as a set. In any case, the bar car will receive a refined, wintry upgrade.

Ice bell for bike
Courtesy of Trek Bikes

This is for the person who loves riding a bike to work and enjoying a stacked ice cream cone in the summer. Electra also offers pizza, brunch, french fries and hot dog versions so you can make your choice.

Stasher sandwich bag
Courtesy of Stasher Bags

The more people join the zero-waste initiative, the greater the demand for sustainable products. Stasher's reusable silicone sandwich bags are a great gift for those who often prepare meals and reduce plastic consumption.

oxo good grips julienne peeler

This julienne peeler makes even cuts a breeze, so every major food maker has beautiful zoodles, carrots and more.

Unbranded silicone spatula
Courtesy of Brandless

Wrap this up for the person trying to perfect their pancake flip, as this may be the best gift you can give them this Christmas – for only 4 USD! The other items in the collection also cost $ 4. So bundle a few and tie them with a bow! This would make a great gift for a new college graduate who is looking to build her kitchenware.

green chilikalk spice

Kevin Curry, author of the cookbook Fit Men Cook, recently debuted a new line of spices. Our favorite of the six? The spice mixture Green Chili Lime. Give it to everyone in your family who's tired of eating boring quinoa for lunch. This will really wake up the grain! Or you can give the spices as a set to beautify the spice cupboard for Christmas in a playful way.

This is the best present for your friend, who always seems to be talking about the great food in Spain, Italy or Portugal. This organic oil is bottled in lightfast containers to maintain the high level of anti-fat antioxidants.

Beeswax Wrapping Chili butternut squash and avocado
Courtesy of Bee's Wrap

For your high school graduate who has not stopped making fun of global warming. Hopefully, these reusable, sustainable food packaging will replace all the plastic packaging they've used to store their sandwiches.

Honestly, this is perfect for anyone in your life who loves wine. Come on, who did not spill a glass of red wine at least once? This is a great gift for hostesses for the holidays that they will definitely need.

Butterscotch Blondie Tazo Tea
Courtesy of Tazo

What could be better than a few bags of tea with a dessert flavor? At Amazon, you can buy three delicious teas – Butterscotch Blondie, Glazed Lemon Bread and Vanilla Bean Macaron – all for just under $ 20.

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Ramen socks
Courtesy of Hot Sox

For the person who can not get enough novelty socks, this pair of HOTSOX is perfect. Give them a matching gift card for their favorite Ramen restaurant!

Tilevo dinosaur tea egg

Buy this for the person who loves to sip on a peaceful hot cup of tea while you watch Jurassic Park,

Mike's hot sweetheart

For the spice lover in your life, you can not go wrong with this classic honey cult. This very sweet and very spicy spread goes perfectly with pizza, buffalo wings, roast chicken, chicken breast, shrimp and even Greek yoghurt! You will love to create new pairings with this spice!

Blender mixer mason jar lid
Courtesy of Lily & # 39; s Home

This is a sweet gift for the person in your life who used a mason jar for everything. Personalize it with a few prints of your favorite cocktails and a special blender for the bar cart.

Villeroy and Boch straws
Courtesy of Villeroy and Boch

These chic straws are the perfect little gift for those who want to reduce their CO2 emissions. You may have dealt with paper straws and then with metal straws, but we think these glass straws are so special that they really are worth a gift. They are even ideal for warm drinks such as coffee, tea and hot cocoa.

Oxo Hand Spiralizer

Do you know someone who is low carbohydrate? It's time for him or her to experience the magic of the Spiralizer, turning almost every vegetable into artificial noodles with just a twist. Combine it with a recipe book of your favorite spiral dishes, such as zoodles with pesto, tomato slices and chopped grilled chicken, or spiral carrots with spicy sriracha and soy peanut sauce.

This is for your college kid who is always complaining about the terrible coffee in the dining room. Pair with a bag of freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, a box of teabags or a delicious hot chocolate!

This is for the person who is always trying to cut an apple with a butter knife. It's time for an upgrade!

Sipski wine glass holder
Courtesy of Sipski

Shower beer? Try shower wine. For your co-worker who is always in the office for happy hour at 4pm.

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